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Preventative Maintenance Program

Proper maintenance on any piece of equipment will ensure its longevity and proper performance.


                       *Properly maintained equipment runs efficiently saving you money on utility bills.

                  *We can solve small issues before they become major equipment failures with our 40-point system checks . 

                             * Every customer is important to us, but those who purchase our Preventative Maintenance Program will be a 

Preferred Customer and 

receive priority service should a service call be required.

* Preferred Customers receive a 10% discount on any labor or parts not 

covered under warranty. (please notify the technician)

     *Peace of mind. With the high cost of equipment replacement you will be 

ensuring that yours lasts as long as it should.


 Cleaning Condensate Drain Lines

Changing Return Air Filters

Cleaning Outdoor Coils

Electrical Contact Inspections


$69.95* once a year (*per system)

$128.00* twice a year (*per system)

Mailing Address

9838 Betty's Way

Semmes, AL 36575

(251) 645-5400

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